This blog is devoted to all People of India those who pay taxes and also who doesn’t pay taxes but want to know about it.


Why do we pay taxes?

This is a very general question that always goes in one’s mind.

India is a developing country . To make it a developed government require funds.In order to generate funs government levy taxes. Government also levy taxes so as to spread equality of income in the country. More the person earns more he has to pay tax.


In India two type of tax system prevails : Direct Taxation and Indirect Taxation.

Under the system of Indirect taxation one person collects from many people and pays it to government, excise duty, service tax, sales tax are very common examples of indirect taxation. Under the system of Direct Taxation tax is levied directly on the person who has to pay it more commonly said as Income Tax. Every year government collects crores of rupees through levying taxes.


Since Indirect Taxation is not ones concern (as he cannot do anything in that) in my blog I will mainly deal in Direct Taxation i.e. Income Tax  system in India. Periodically I will take up matters of Service Tax and customs and other Indirect taxes also my main concern will be Income Tax. To make it more interactive readers are invited to ask their queries which would be beneficial for others also.



Vivek Goyal

Chartered Accountant

3 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Pavankumar Says:

    hi thank you

  2. Pavankumar Says:

    hi thank you, please add some more information on this blog

  3. deepak sasidharan Says:

    Thanks for this valuable information. I request your good self to add up the details of Indirect taxation also. That would be helpful for the accounting professionals as me.

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