Wealth Tax

Wealth tax is charged for every assessment year in respect of net wealth. Wealth tax is also a direct tax just like income tax computed on net wealth of an assessee. But it is charged on the amount of net wealth exceeding Rs. 15 Lacs.

Rate of wealth tax is 1%.

Wealth tax is charged on the net wealth of an assessee valued as on valuation date. The valuation date for chargeability of wealth tax is 31st March of the financial year.

Net wealth means taxable wealth. Broadly speaking it represents the excess of assets over debts.
The term assets means ;
(i) Guest house, residential house or commercial building.
(ii) Motor Cars.
(iii) Jewellery, bullion, utensils of gold silver, etc.
(iv) Yachts , boats and aircraft.
(v) Urban land, and
(vi) Cash in hand

9 Responses to “Wealth Tax”

  1. AJAY SHARMA Says:

    hallo sir,

    i need to know the rates of gold & silver applicable as per wealth tax for the asst year 2009-10 year ending 31/03/2009.

    please help if available


    • Vivek Says:

      Gold and Silver rates applicable as per wealth tax act as on 31-3-2009 are as under:
      Gold @ Rs. 15,105 per 10g
      Silver @ Rs. 22,165 per 1kg

      Source: The Economic Times dated 01.04.2009

  2. ashok goyal advocate Says:

    i want to know that which items are included while computing the net wealth of an assessee/individual person and which items are exempted from the same

  3. Rajalakshmi Says:

    sir, pls give me the collection of wealth tax provisions for the assessment year 2009-10. I have wealth tax book of vinod singhania applicable to the AY 08-09. But i am unable to study in that as it is much advanced. send me brief notes to study for the exam. Expecting your reply.

  4. surendra rungta Says:

    while scrutiny process for ay 2008-09 of a ladies file having only interest income but residing in nepal with nri status. assessing ofiicer is asking why not weath tax be imposed on amount given to a party without interest as wealth or on share apllication money. please advise whether wealth tax is applicalbe on shares loans & advances , share application money

    • Viviek Says:

      no wealth tax is attracted on loans & advances and share application money. Hence the act of AO is unlawful.

  5. Francesco Says:

    I actually intend to bookmark this specific article,
    “Wealth Tax | Indian Tax Guide” on my very own internet site.

    Will you mind in case Ido it? Thank you -Shantell

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